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Whole Lotta Love

Lottie’s Creamery brings artisanal ice cream to Walnut Creek.


Deb Phillips is really into ice cream. The co-owner and head chef of Walnut Creek’s new Lottie’s Creamery spends her days scouring books, blogs, and farmers markets for recipe inspirations. And just like her ex-employer, Berkeley’s Ici, Phillips makes everything from scratch with top seasonal ingredients to create the most vibrant flavors possible.

“I don’t want you to taste my ice cream and say, ‘Oh, that’s good.’ I want there to be neurons firing in your brain like fireworks.”  


Photos by Leeanne Jones

Irish Coffee Crunch

·  Espresso toffee is added to ice cream steeped with Jameson whiskey and crushed—not ground—whole Blue Bottle coffee beans. “There’s a wholeness to the smell of coffee when you put your nose in a bag of beans. I wanted that.”   


·  Phillips adds three pounds of dark chocolate, and mixes in with Guittard Cocao Rouge powder to “intensify the chocolate flavor.”  

Lemon Marshmallow

·  The base is spiked with lemon zest and a lemon juice syrup “to separate the components and bring them back together.” House-made marshmallow creates a riff on lemon meringue. “I like to call it a candy party in your mouth.”

Mint Brownie

·  House-made brownies are folded into ice cream flavored with both spearmint and peppermint. “The different aspects are highlighted in different ways on the palate to create a more layered taste.”

1414 N. Main St., Walnut Creek, (925) 472-0723, lottiescreamery.com.


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