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Walnut Creek Native Stars in Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean

Before Bravo TV’s new reality show Below Deck Mediterranean sets sail on May 3, we caught up with Bryan Kattenburg, the Walnut Creek native and Las Lomas grad serving as the yacht’s first mate.


Q: How did you get involved in the show?

A: I’d seen Below Deck and knew some of the cast from being in the yachting community. I was working as a freelance captain in Miami, so I applied and apparently they really liked me.

Q: What’s it like filming in such small quarters?

A: You get used to it. At some points, I’d be too busy to think about what I was saying or doing. We’re on our feet 16 hours a day: early mornings, late nights, broken glasses, hot tub orgies. It’s crazy.

Q: What was the most beautiful place you visited on the show?

A: Santorini was pretty breathtaking, and Anti-paros was beautiful. We’d anchor on these secluded islands, in crystal-clear blue water, and throw private beach parties. My favorite was seeing a sunken WWII Nazi fighter plane off Antiparos. The outside had been stripped off but the skeleton and cockpit were still intact.  

Q: Were your fellow crewmembers as experienced as you?

A: They hired about half and half—people who knew what they were doing and absolute clowns. Part of my struggle was dealing with the people who didn’t know what they were doing. But at the end of the day it’s a team sport. I was in charge of all the deck hands and I had to answer to the captain for them. So it was about being responsible and respectful, and learning to roll with the punches.

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