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Virtual Gourmet: Twitter Foodie

One avid Diablo follower takes our restaurant recommendations seriously


After unveiling our 2009 Food Award winners, we noticed one of our Twitter followers eating—and tweeting—her way through the list. We asked Danville resident Darci Motta about her Food Awards adventure—and made her keep the answers under 140 characters, of course.

DiabloMagazine                   30 mins ago
What inspired you to visit all of the 2009 Diablo Food Award winners?

Darci37                                   28 mins ago
I’m a foodie + my office moved to WC in Oct 09 & I had to prove to my colleagues that were SF Foodie snobs that East Bay has GREAT food!

DiabloMagazine                   25 mins ago
What was your favorite dish of all that you tried?

Darci37                                  20 mins ago
Not just 1! Filo wrapped chicken @ Esin, entire meal @ Artisan Bistro, frm beet salad 2 bread pudding + any risotto I’ve ever eaten at Prima!

DiabloMagazine                    18 mins ago
Were there any memorable moments?

Darci37                                   15 mins ago
Lunch w/bff @ KoiGarden—found myself pointing at pic & orderingitems I didn’t mean to & loving them—reminded me of my trip to HK!

DiabloMagazine                    12 mins ago
I understand your progress was delayed after the first seven. What happened?

Darci37                                     9 mins ago
Life … and I got distracted by all the newbies that have opened in the past few months! (but I’m going to finish)

DiabloMagazine                     5 mins ago
You tweeted that you went to one of the newbies, Sasa, within 24 hours of seeing our August cover. Is that true?

Darci37                                      1 mins ago
Yes! I’d just returned frm a series of travels + picked up mail + within 24 hrs of seeing cover had a colleague lined up 2 meet me 4 lunch!


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