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100 Years of Butter

Dublin's Challenge Butter is the largest selling brand in the west.



In 1911, four men began selling butter from a rented Los Angeles storefront—with a rented horse to pull the delivery wagon. Today, Challenge Butter, now based in Dublin, is the largest-selling brand in the West. Its accomplishments are many: inventing the metal butter churn, erecting the first lighted billboard in L.A., and being the first major butter brand to eschew synthetic protein hormone rbST. Here’s how it all adds up:



Pounds of butter sold on the first day.


Pounds of butter sold annually today.


Miles that butter sold in 2011 would extend with sticks lined up
end to end (nearly enough to circle the globe).


Quarts of milk required to make one pound of butter.


California dairy farmers that supply milk to make Challenge Butter.


Percent fat content in European-style butter—three percent more
than typical U.S. butter. Challenge sells both varieties.


Bay Area restaurants and food purveyors that use Challenge
Butter, including East Bay restaurants Maria Maria and Stanford’s.


For information as well as recipes, visit challengedairy.com

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