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Keeping it Real

Berkeley natives are behind the YouTube hit: "Whole Foods Parking Lot."


“Whole Foods Parking Lot,” a three-million-view YouTube breakout, may have been filmed in L.A., but the creative juice came from Berkeley.

Two of the creators of the video—a faux gangsta rap about shopping at the ripe-for-parody gourmet grocery store—are graduates of Berkeley High. David (D.J. Dave) Wittman and George Woolley say their East Bay upbringing prepared them to break down the gourmet lifestyle with hilarious rhymes like this one: “This buster’s on his iPhone talking to his friends/ pickin’ up some cayenne pepper for his master cleanse/ You’re the most annoying dude I’ve ever seen, brah/ Could you please move? You’re right in front of the quinoa.”

“I learned the word ‘quinoa’ from a person from Berkeley,” Wittman says. Referencing the grain alternative, he says, “speaks to a certain foodie experience and understanding that growing up there provides.”

The duo’s Fog and Smog team—most of its members share Bay Area roots and L.A. addresses—finds fertile pay dirt in other topics near and dear to the hearts of Berkeleyites: They’re currently crafting “Yoga Girl” (sample lyric: “I wanna fly your whole posse to Varanassi/ Or we can go to Goa, sip some mango lassi”).

Check out fogandsmog.com.

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