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November 2012

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The revealing truth about how we eat now.

The Artisans

The people and craft behind the East Bay’s artisanal food movement.

Passport Not Required

Transform your table into a dining destination by taking cues from these exotic locales.

Food Awards 2012

Dig in to this year's top food!
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Napa’s New Neighborhood

Coombsville becomes the new place to taste.
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Speak of the Devil

Pixar Pairings

Find out which wine pairs best with your favorite Pixar movie.

Party Like It’s 1950

Adorable vintage aprons found in thousands of stores around the world.

Wine Tasting For a Living

BevMo evaluator Wilfred Wong talks wine.

Return of the Zombies

Try new flavors of your favorite school snack.

Bottle to Bag

New wine from Clif bar founders.

Haute Chef

Meet Vanessa Dang.

Sold Out?

Have these local, artisanal favorites sold-out to big corporations?

Bacon All Day Long

Strips of crispy bacon on the side of a pancake platter is sooo 2011. Go hog wild, and get the “candy of meat” in a scone, as a jam, or blended with artisanal ice cream. Your doc may not approve, but this food trend is still smoking hot.

Diamond Dave: What I’ve Learned From 26 Years in a Bar

Dave Hosley talks about his nights at Petar's.

The List: November

This month, go gourmand. Then, try a musical about religion, a patriotic symphony, and early holiday shopping.
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Food Scene

Where’s the Beef?

We may see Wente Estate beef on the menu soon.

Diablo Dish: November

Ike's expands, Bakesale Betty closes it's second location, Sprouts Farmers Market has debuted, and more!

Artisanal Spirits: Bourbon Royale

Join the New Royale Picán Bourbon Society!

Doughnut Devotion

Ex–recipe tester masters doughnut making.

Cheap Eats: Citra Grill

Choose your skewer, enjoy with sides and leave with dessert.

Easy Ethnic Eats

New line of Global Grub cooking kits makes it simple to tackle adventurous cuisine.
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Web Extras

Win Tickets to Gourmet East Bay!

The 411 on Livermore's New Outlets

Get a sneak peek at Paragon Outlets in Livermore, which open November 8.
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