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The Superfood Snack

Feel healthy and energized with Kuli Kuli bars.


Courtesy of Kuli Kuli


Bentley High grad Lisa Curtis was a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa, when she ran out of multivitamins and started experiencing malnutrition. A friend told her about moringa, a vitamin-rich plant growing in the region.

Curtis added moringa to her diet and felt better, so she began to teach other malnourished women there how to grow and cook the plant in a way that preserves its nutrients. When she returned to the U.S. two years ago, she and friends founded Kuli Kuli to develop a nutrition bar that’s made with moringa sourced from women’s groups in West Africa.

In June, the company finished a crowd-funding campaign and raised nearly $53,000 to make the nutrition bars. Whole Foods will start selling them this month.

Tell us about Kuli Kuli bars.
We use very simple ingredients. We add dates, almonds, moringa, and a little bit of agave. There are cherries in one flavor and chocolate in another. I compare the taste of moringa to spirulina [a protein-rich algae].

How do people like it?
People who try it say there’s something “green” about it, like a green-tea flavor. They say it energizes them and makes them feel healthy.

Why moringa?
It’s the next big superfood. We’ve had so much interest at farmers’ markets. In one day, we had over $2,000 worth of preorders, after we were mentioned on Yahoo.  

For more info, and to order, visit kulikulibar.com.

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