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#Diablo Ticker: Foodie Edition

East Bay in the news, on the air, and at the water cooler.


Cedric Glaser






1. Congrats?

Spot number 23 on Mylife’s Best Mid-Sized Cities for Food Lovers list belongs to Hayward—the lone East Bay representative. Thanks for putting us on the map, Hayward!


Samantha Schneider






2. Major Mac-Quisition

In September, General Mills purchased Berkeley-based organic food company Annie’s Homegrown for close to $820 million. That’s a whole lot of cheddar (bunnies). 



3. Field of Greens

The first of its kind at a sports facility in the United States, AT&T Park’s garden has been growing kale, tomatoes, avocados, and more since June. Giants fans are encouraged to step right up behind the outfield fence and grab a pinch of fresh herbs.


4. Lone Star

Rather than trying to win better ratings on Yelp—or buying ads on the service for an alleged boost—the owners of Richmond’s Botto Bistro are encouraging patrons to help it become the most poorly rated restaurant in the Bay Area by leaving one-star reviews.





5. Killer Hangover

During the August grand opening of Capone’s Speakeasy in Alameda, owner Mark Strachan earned some time in the slammer for assaulting—and biting—a police officer.








6. Bring Your Own Soda

Berkeley may be the first city in America to pass a one cent per fluid ounce general tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Measure D, or “Berkeley vs. Big Soda,” is up for a vote on this month’s ballot.


Courtesy of whitehouse.gov

7. Praised by POTUS

While in San Francisco last year, President Obama commended the Ly family, owners of Hayward’s Sugar Bowl Bakery, who fled Communism in South Vietnam in the ’70s before founding their baked goods empire.

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