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Food on Wheels


“Homeboy! Are you hungry? Say yes.” That’s how Elmy Kader, the animated owner of the Royal Egyptian Cuisine food truck, greets his first customer of the day. A self-proclaimed “pioneer” of the Bay Area’s food-truck scene, Kader took his lifelong dream of being a chef to the streets four years ago—and he hasn’t looked back since, serving up delicious food with “Egyptian attitude.”

Q: What makes a food truck different from a restaurant?
A: The [lack of] limitations. I’m free; I get to go where I want. Most people get up in the morning and say, “I’m going to work.” I get up in the morning, and I say, “I’m going to party.” What do you do when you party? You invite your friends, you go to a nice place, you feed the people, and enjoy yourself.

Q: What’s your strategy when scouting a location?
A: I’ve already built a good reputation [with my food]. I don’t worry too much. I rely on people. So I come [to a new location] one week, I get very little business. The second week, the same people who came before order two or three [meals for their co-workers]. Then more customers start coming. Before you know it, I am just fine.

Q: What’s your philosophy on food?
A: Your food is your medicine. What you eat will affect your abilities, body, and mind. —C.C.

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