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Holi-slay Your Shopping this Year

Save on Gold, Frankincense and More!



Ahh, the holidays.  Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at your nose.  A seemingly endless sea of zero parking spots.  The only line longer than the Black Friday entrance line at Target is the order pickup line at Starbucks. 


Can you hear the hark angel, Mariah Carey herself, reminding you about all she wants and that sweet little drummer boy pa rum pum pum pumming his little heart out right now? You probably can because you know even noise cancelling headphones can’t seem to block out the playlist this time of year. 


Yes, the holidays.  A time of magic.  A time to give, and if you’ve been extra nice, or perhaps a little naughty, a time to be gifted.


The San Francisco Gift Center and Jewelry Mart - a shopping experience once reserved solely for wholesalers, is now open to the public.  You won’t find these kinds of savings online and if you do, let’s be honest, there’s a 50/50 chance your package is actually making it to you.  (UPS and FedEx, if you’re reading this, we definitely aren’t talking about you. We still have lots of love for you, so please make sure to bring the vehicle to a complete stop when making deliveries to our house this year!)


With over 100 showrooms in a single location at the SF Gift Center, you can compare prices and gifts and literally call it a day.  Even Santa is like “What?! You still shop at the mall? Yous crazy!”  Although truth be told, we don’t have warm pretzels or Cinnabon, for a limited time, visit SFGCJM to take advantage of over 30 different exclusive, in-store holiday offers, including up to 75% off savings!  Best part, these offers are available through December 31 and we have free parking on Saturdays! 


The SF Gift Center and Jewelry Mart. We don’t want to say we single-handedly just relieved all your holiday stress, but we may have just poured ourself a congratulatory spiked eggnog. 


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