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Murder in The Burbs


For someone who grew up in Lafayette, Jonnie Jacobs knows a lot about murder.

Eleven years ago, this former corporate attorney escaped the law to become a bestselling mystery author. “I’m fascinated by the depth of intrigue and behind-the-doors passion that lurk beneath the surface of suburbia,” she says.

This month, Jacobs releases her 11th novel, The Only Suspect. The story concerns a man who is acquitted of killing his first wife. But one morning several years later, he wakes up with no memory of the previous evening and finds his second wife is missing.
If the premise brings sensational cases like that of Scott Peterson to mind, Jacobs says that’s purely coincidental.

“There was a neighbor of ours many years ago, in Oakland, who was wrongly accused of murdering his wife,” says the Piedmont resident. “I combined that with my own experience of waking up one morning, sleep deprived, and having several minutes pass before I regained my memory.”


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