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Swimming In It


Ken Harmon loves challenges. “I keep making these goals that get tougher and tougher,” says the Danville resident. Swimming the length of Lake Tahoe—22 miles of chilly, choppy, high-altitude water—was by far the toughest challenge of Harmon’s life. “Most people won’t swim in the middle of Lake Tahoe,” explains Harmon. “It’s too cold.”

But on August 22, the 45-year-old mortgage broker slipped into the unusually warm 65˚F lake, wearing just a Speedo, a cap, and plenty of water-resistant sunblock, and started freestylin’. Every 30 minutes, his wife, paddling alongside in a kayak, tossed bananas and water and packets of Gu energy gel into the water. A GPS unit helped Harmon stay on course.

Harmon’s wet trek raised $20,000 toward a new swimming pool for the Danville Aquatics Center. “The pool that they have in San Ramon High School is antiquated,” says Harmon. “It’s the same pool that I played [water polo] in 25 years ago.”

For information about the Danville Aquatics Center, check out www.swimfar.org .


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