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Meet the Producers


Most of Livermore’s olive oil producers are family-owned farms with long traditions in the Valley’s agriculture community.

“You’ll find olive oil growers are very passionate about their product,” says Victorine Valley Farms’ Susan Hermanson. “We’re anxious to have the public discover how different and wonderful fresh olive oil is as opposed to much of the imported oil that is often old and not one-hundred-percent olive oil.

Something else Livermore olive oil producers share is limited production, requiring a bit of consumer initiative to find these alluring oils. Some are sold at larger stores like Safeway, others at specialty stores and Livermore wineries, and a few at the producer’s estate or web site. We’ll get you started with the producer list. All addresses are Livermore. All area codes are 925 except where indicated.

Arroyo Windmill Grove
(location shared with Eckert Estate Vineyard)
Arroyo Windmill Grove offers between two and six extra virgin olive oils, including a blend of six Italian varieties. Visitors can take a tour on Saturdays of the mill and learn about the oil milling process.
2400 Arroyo Rd., 245-9801

Darcie Kent Vineyards
Olive trees surround the Darcie Kent Vineyards up in Livermore’s Crane Ridge. The producer harvests both green and black olives to create its complex blend, Crane Ridge Olive Oil, available online and at Concannon Vineyard.
7636 Cedar Mountain Dr., 443-5368, darciekentvineyards.com

Genesis Ranch
Manzanillo olive trees produce the fruit in Genesis Ranch’s Extra Virgin Gourmet Olive Oil. Contact the producer for ordering information.
4120 Cross Rd, 606-8019

Olivas Di Morgan
This small producer harvests fruit from several Tri-Valley groves to create its extra virgin olive oils and infused olive oils sold at the “All Rents” facility in downtown Livermore as well as at several Livermore wineries.
2339 First St., 383-9367

Oro Fino at Wente Vineyards
Wente’s award-winning Oro Fino Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in Wente’s tasting room.
5565 Tesla Rd., 456-2300, wentevineyards.com

Purple Orchid Inn Resort & Spa (Sera Festino)
The upscale inn sells its award-winning Sera Festino Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively at its resort. So maybe schedule a Swedish massage or herbal wrap while purchasing your bottle?
4549 Cross Rd., 606-8855, purpleorchid.com

The Olivina
Livermore’s largest olive oil producers, Olivina sells six different olive oils: Mission, Century Mission, Frantoio, Arbequina, Lucca, and Picholine. Not sure which to get? Try Olivina’s variety six-pack of 50ml bottles. Available online and at Safeway, Nob Hill, many specialty stores, wineries, and restaurants.
4555 Arroyo Rd., 455-8710, theolivina.com

Victorine Valley Farms
Their organic Artisanal Tuscan Blend plus a new line of flavored olive oils, including lemon, grapefruit, and harissa (Tunisian spice blend) all infused with organic cold-pressed oils are available online, at specialty markets, year-round at the Danville farmers market, and Nov.–Apr. at the Livermore farmers market.
1080 Victorine Rd., (800) 454-8770, victorinevalley.com

Wood Family Vineyards
Located in the eastern foothills of Livermore Valley, this family-run winery creates its Woody Estates Olive Oil from olive trees bordering its vineyard. Its unfiltered olive oil is sold online, at the winery, and is available for tasting by appointment.
7702 Cedar Mountain Dr., 606-7411, woodfamilyvineyards.com

Wood Ranch Estate
This producer makes its Wood Ranch Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequina (Spanish) and Frantoio (Italian) varietals. It’s sold online, at Safeway, and at specialty stores and wineries.
100 Twin Oaks Ln., 371-6394, woodranchestate.com

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