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Corn Maze

Get the scoop on G&M Farms' famous corn maze in Livermore.


Courtesy of G&M Farms

The corn maze at Livermore’s G&M Farms isn’t just a local favorite; it has been featured twice on David Letterman. G&M owner Dan Marciel explains how the maze is made.


1/ Plant A Corn Grid
“Imagine a piece of grid paper,” says Marciel. “We plant the corn in rows to make a corn grid.” Marciel plants the corn in a grid of 152 by 236 rows.

2/ Design the Maze
“This year, the design will be the 4-H and FFA emblems to promote those local farmers,” says Marciel. G&M uses a computer program to determine which rows need to be chopped.

3/ Stop, Chop, and Grow
In late July, Marciel and crew cut rows to create the labyrinth. By October, the corn towers overhead. gmfarms.com.

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