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Golfboards: Like Riding a Surfboard on the Golf Course

A new way to golf is coming to a resort near you.


Courtesy of GolfBoard

You love playing golf, but you wish it didn’t take so long. Or you love golf, but riding a cart doesn’t fry enough calories. Well, hang on: There’s a new way to play at several West Coast and Hawaiian resorts. And you really will have to hang on—and lean in the direction you want to go.

The GolfBoard is a cross between a surfboard and a Segway. Hook your golf bag on the front of the stability handle, use your weight to steer, and drive directly to your ball. Start slowly; it takes a few holes to get the hang of surfing the course.

Here’s a tip: Don’t hold on with two hands. Use that other arm for balance and steering, just like you would while hanging ten. Check golfboard.com/coursenetwork for locations.

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