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Reminder to Remember Yourself

It’s time you check yourself before you wreck yourself.



Do you ever feel like your life is like an episode of Sex and the City?  No, not because of unmentionable escapades or because your go to shoe choice for running errands is Manolos, but rather because it often feels like life’s big questions seem to become your narrative?

As I sit like Carrie, typing away on my Mac laptop,  I can’t help but wonder, why do we put off today living tomorrow?

As a woman, by nature you’re a manager. The details, whether they be big or small, fall on to your never ending to-do list.  Whether it’s a product of circumstance, self-inflicted, or a hybrid, every minute of our day is filled with calendar reminder notifications.  What would we do without those reminders? And those scarce free minutes you have to yourself, those minutes are more often than not commandeered by feelings of guilt for having a minute to yourself and not putting it to use. 

So much of our day has become about checking off those reminders, we don’t have time to remember ourselves. 

Sure you may remember yourself when you look in the mirror. You see a single gray hair, you make a hair appointment.  Wrinkles or breakouts, or for the fortunate ones like myself where it’s the best of both worlds, you make a facial appointment.  You’re a woman with breasts.  You see them every day, staring right back at you. So, why don’t you make an annual mammogram appointment? 

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow that got real, really fast!” But if we don’t remind you, who will?

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  That’s 1 in 8 daughters. 1 in 8 moms. 1 in 8 wives. 1 in 8 sisters. 1 in 4 Sex and the City characters. 1 in 8 friends. 1 in 8 strangers. 

Contra Costa Oncology encourages you to take 5 minutes right now and schedule your annual appointment and reminder.  Regular mammograms can provide detection, often years before you can feel lumps. 

There’s life.  Then there’s living.  Get through life’s reminders so you can get back to living.

For more information, visit contracostaoncology.com.


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