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Designing for Divas


Designer Andrea Lamadora has launched her career by creating sophisticated looks for top Bay Area musicians. The 25-year-old currently puts together outfits for Oakland-based pianist Sundra, who is going on tour with Prince this fall, and has been designing for soul singer Goapele since 2001.

"Goapele was a good friend of my older sister’s, and I started dressing her from stuff I had in my closet," says Lamadora. "Eventually, it became my job. I was a broadcast major for TV and radio at the time, but I realized I could make a career out of styling."

Lamadora creates specialty pieces, ranging from fabric bracelets and belts to evening gowns, for Bay Area fashionistas. The eclectic garments of her House of Mamasan brand utilize exotic fabrics and reflect her fascination with cultural diversity. "I’m a world traveler, and I’ve picked up fabrics and designs from all my travels," says Lamadora, whose own family tree includes Filipino, Chinese, French, and Spanish ancestry. "When I’m designing for people here in the Bay Area, I like to incorporate ethnic culture into the urban lifestyle."

Lamadora’s work will be shown on View From the Bay on September 1 at 3 p.m. The Channel 7 broadcast will feature a House of Mamasan fashion show and a performance by Goapele. For information, go to www.houseofmamasan.com.

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