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Pantie Parties


The term casual dress has taken on a whole new meaning at some parties around the UC Berkeley campus.

Students show up wearing their everyday apparel, but as soon as they gain entrance, the clothes come off and the "underwear party" begins. Attire ranges from pajamas to tightie-whities to matching Victoria’s Secret lingerie and other underwear-themed costumes. In some cases, the parties get so packed that people are turned away at the door.

"I see it as a party [theme] that’s gaining popularity," says Johnny Anastacio, 21, a Cal student who organized a recent underwear party. "It’s definitely something we’re going to throw again. I feel like students enjoy exposing themselves and being exhibitionists."

So, parents, take note: It turns out that clean underwear may indeed be a welcome item in the care package you send to your college kids.

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