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Self-Made Pop Star


When Keith Varon learned that his song "Can’t Breathe" would be featured on MTV’s reality show Laguna Beach, he did what any other hardworking singer-songwriter would do. "I freaked out," says Varon. "Then I called everyone I knew and threw a viewing party."

The 24-year-old San Ramon resident is making waves in today’s pop music landscape, which increasingly creates new stars through television show soundtracks and Internet downloads, rather than traditional radio play.

"Things are very do-it-yourself these days. I’m not going to wait around for some record executive to say, ‘We love your stuff; sign here.’ I get out there," says Varon, who worked tirelessly to secure his own investments, record label, studio time, musicians, and album art for his first full-length release, Love Is a Hero.

Since "Can’t Breathe," MTV has picked up two more of Varon’s songs: "Never Be the Same" was featured on the Laguna Beach finale, and "Honestly" was on Beach’s summer spin-off, The Hills. The nationwide exposure has allowed the San Ramon Valley High School alum to book a coast-to-coast tour—he kicked off the 22-city tour in Portland, Oregon, on August 23.

Keith Varon is featured on KFOG 104.5 FM’s Local Scene 3 CD. He’ll be back for Bay Area performances in October. For information, visit www.keithvaron.com.


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