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Spore Unveiled


Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Courtesy of Electronic ArtsCourtesy of Electronic Arts

Newsweek featured Electronic Arts’ upcoming Spore game as one of the most important new inventions of 2006. But, there was just one problem: The game didn’t come out that year. Or, the next.

September 7 marks the official launch of the much-awaited game, which was created in Emeryville. So, why did it take so long for Spore to evolve?
“Our designers have made technological breakthroughs involving animation and design, as well as innovations in the online world—it’s almost like there’s a social network built right into the game,” explains Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer of Spore.

Players start with a single-cell organism, which evolves into a creature and eventually a spacecraft-flying civilization, floating through the cosmos and interacting in an online universe populated by creatures created by other gamers. Spore is the brainchild of Oakland resident Will Wright, designer of the Sims and SimCity games (the best-selling PC games of all time).

Spore is likely to be a hit, considering the frenzy Electronic Arts caused when it released a free software download in June that let gamers experiment with its creature-making tools. “The day that came out, we lost an entire day of productivity because our designers just sat there hitting refresh,” says Bradshaw. “Every time they hit refresh, there were 50 new, amazingly creative creatures sent in by gamers all over the world.”

Go to www.spore.com for information.

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