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Angelina Jolie Kicked His Butt

Walnut Creek-native Marc Scizak is a Hollywood stunt man.


Getting punched in the face hurts, but if the fist belongs to Angelina Jolie, it’s worth the sting. For Marc Scizak—a Walnut Creek native and former firefighter-turned-Hollywood-stuntman—fighting the sexiest woman in the world is just another day at the office. “She’s the best actress I’ve ever fought,” says Scizak, 31, on location in New York for Jolie’s upcoming action pic, Salt. “She’s one tough chick.”

Scizak has more than 40 stunt credits to his name. Here are some of his favorites.

► First Gig: “I did the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I was an ambulance EMT at the time, and I was chosen to do some driving stuff in Alameda. I’ve always been a racer, and that’s where I saw my first stunt sequence. I was hooked.”

► MultiTasker: “I did five episodes of 24 as a stunt double and one as an actor. I’ve always thought Kiefer Sutherland was a badass. Most people think stunt guys can’t act, but there are a few of us who can. Stunt work is more fun, though.”

► Summer Smash: “My most epic scene was in Transformers 2. I was doubling for actor Ramon Rodriguez and sitting next to 65 feet of primer cord, which is basically gunpowder in an extension cord. You have to watch yourself when you’re working with [director] Michael Bay—he likes to blow stuff up. The primer cord went off and knocked me about three feet in the air.”

► Coming Soon: “I spent four weeks in Boston on a Bruce Willis movie called Surrogates [due out September 25]. I got to wreck a bunch of cars. On the first big wreck, another car T-boned me, and it threw me 30 feet farther than we were supposed to go. My car got folded in half.”



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