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Punctuation Nation

A celebration of punctuation, created by Pinole's Jeff Rubin.


September 24 is National Punctuation Day! What? That’s right; the holiday founded by Jeff Rubin of Pinole celebrates all the marks on the page most of us don’t know how to use. We asked him how it got started:

“I’m a former newspaper reporter, columnist, and editor (my guess is your editor will remove that serial comma). [Editor’s note: Diablo uses the serial comma.] I am saddened not only by the decline in the reporting skills of today’s journalists [it’s OK; we won’t take it personally], but also by the lack of punctuation, grammar, and spelling skills of editors. I used to redline the morning paper. When I finished, it looked as if I’d popped open a vein. [You should see what our copy editor does to our manuscripts. They look as if she’s hit an artery.]

This exercise was accompanied by much foul language, which did not sit well with my wife, who suggested I find another outlet for my frustration. [Drinking works for us.] I then heard of Chase’s Calendar of Events, which offers people the opportunity to create a holiday. I submitted National Punctuation Day, and it was quickly accepted.”

For info, go to nationalpunctuationday.com.

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