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Need for Speed

Don't miss the Reno Air Races!



Head to the Reno Air Races September 14–18, and you’ll see planes acting like cars at the Indianapolis 500—only they’re a lot faster, and they’re in the air. The jets race 50 feet off the ground at 500 mph, and one of them, named the Raju Grace, is owned by Orinda couple Raju Mann and Deane Barker.

Raju Grace, which came in second in last year’s silver division, has a new Rolls-Royce Viper engine and will compete in the gold division this year. Returning for the race is pilot Heather Penney, a former F-16 fighter pilot, who flew one of the first military jets in the sky after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

If you miss the Reno Air Races, you can catch the high-speed action in Air Racers 3D: Forces of Flight, which features the Raju Grace racing team and hits theaters in early 2012.

For more information, visit airrace.org.

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