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Riya Kataria: Amplify Your Voice

PFA Institute cofounder and CEO offers tips for speaking up and making an impact.


Photo by Cali Godley

Start with social media—but don’t stop there. “Don’t think that just because you posted a status you are changing the world,” says Riya Kataria, a Fremont teen who gained 30,000 followers after interviewing former First Lady Michelle Obama for an Instagram Story. “Call your representative and make sure people hear the message.”

Connect with people who share your passion. “The activist community … they are some of the most helpful people in the sense of giving you mentorship and advice,” Kataria notes.

Confront your inner critic. “You’re going to [hear] a voice saying, What if I can’t do this? … Ask back: What if I can?

Make it personal. “A lot of people skip over the importance of using emotion to connect to your audience,” says Kataria, who writes poetry. “Poetry has helped me learn how to … write to connect.”

Remember, rewards outweigh risks. “Once you see how your work is changing people’s lives, it all turns out to be worth it.”


For more information about the PFA Institute, visit pfainstitute.org.


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