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Meet: Corey Duffel / Skateboarder

The Skater King.


Photo courtesy of Alex Farnum

Corey Duffel grew up skating—and often being asked to stop skating—around the city’s downtown. The 28-year-old Walnut Creek native is one of the greatest skateboarders in the sport’s history. He just returned from China, where he showed off his custom sneakers and skateboards.

“I’ve been lucky enough to go all over Europe, South America, and Australia on a skateboard,” says Duffel, who recently bought a house close to his childhood home. “But there’s no place quite like Walnut Creek; I love the weather and the hills.”

As much as he enjoyed growing up here, he says the creek, with additions like Red House Studios, has only gotten better for kids today. One addition kids can thank Duffel for is the skateboarding park at Heather Farm, which opened in 2005.

He’s also proud of the Bedford Gallery’s acclaimed skateboarding exhibit and honored that he was included in it. “It’s cool that the city embraces the creativity of this culture,” says Duffel, adding that he’s done skating through downtown Walnut Creek. “That same security guard who used to kick me out of Broadway Plaza 20 years ago would probably still kick me out today.”




April 11, 1984

High school:

Las Lomas

Went pro:  

At age 17

Favorite trick:  


Pro sponsors:  



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