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Catch a 3D Showing of "The Last Reef"

Visit the California Academy of Sciences and take a 3D plunge into colorful coral reefs.

A diver greets visitors during a dive show at the California Academy of Sciences.

Photo by Will Love, California Academy of Sciences

Discover the beauty and diversity of life that thrives underwater as you explore coral reef “cities” in the new 3D film, The Last Reef playing now at the California Academy of Sciences.

This immersive film offers close-up encounters with some of the most stunning creatures in the sea. Reefs appear larger than life with the help of a custom built 4K macro camera. “Underwater macro photography in 3D is something that’s never really been seen in any format, let alone on the giant screen. It’s the perfect tool to truly immerse viewers in these ‘alien’ worlds that are as vital to our existence as the rainforests—and are at risk of being the first ecosystem to be lost as a result of human activity,” says Co-Director Steve McNicholas.

The Last Reef takes viewers on a journey through biodiversity hotspots from the Bahamas to Polynesia. After watching the film, guests can explore a living Philippine coral reef in the Academy’s aquarium. With special programs and dive shows, 2,000 reef fish swimming by, and one of the deepest exhibits of live coral in the world, the Academy is one of the coolest places to learn about coral reefs.

In addition to caring for a living reef on-site, researchers from the Academy are actively working to better understand how coral reefs work in the wild. Through field work in remote areas, researchers gain knowledge that can inform conservation efforts to maintain reefs for years to come.

Learn more about coral reefs and their importance at the California Academy of Sciences. For more information and tickets visit calacademy.org.

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Added: 2017-03-07

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