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East Bay Trail Running

Take advantage of the warm weather, and hit the trails this summer.

2017 Best of the East Bay: Fitness

A cycling studio with themed rides; a yoga hot spot in the Tri-Valley.

Best New Workout Studios

Here are six new East Bay fitness studios where you can get your sweat on in the New Year.

East Bay Addiction Crisis

A top doctor discusses the regional addiction crisis and the effect of opioids on your brain.
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Medical Profiles

 These medical professionals are passionate about their work and they care about their  patients and community. Read on to meet some of these men and women.

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Diablo Wellness

Everyone deserves to be their best self - someone who is healthy, relaxed and confident. For improved health, increased strength, and peace of mind read on. 

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CoolSculpting Paves the Way for Innovation in Body Sculpting

Mohs Surgery is the Gold Standard for the Treatment of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Mohs Surgery is an outpatient procedure that checks the entire margin of the tumor.

MRI Adds Benefits to PSA Screening

Not every man with prostate cancer dies from it; some prostate cancers are very slow growing, and some are very biologically aggressive.

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Stanford Health

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Don't Let Ankle Sprains Keep You on the Sidelines

Expert insight from Webster Orthopedics surgeon, Dr. Edward Y. Tang

CCO Health Services

Contra Costa Oncology offers a variety of health services to help cancer patients with each step of the process to wellness.

Dear Diary, for Breakfast I Ate ...

Keeping close track of your eating can boost your weight loss

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