Seniors, Brush Up Your Driving Skills June 2011

Seniors, Brush Up Your Driving Skills

Aging affects many aspects of everyday life, and unfortunately, driving is one of them. Drivers over 50 can learn defensive driving techniques and current traffic laws to avoid accidents and traffic violations.

Splash June 2011


Some people may find the summer heat oppressive on the sunny end of the Caldecott. There’s one thing, though, that you can say for sure: It’s good weather for water play.

Curb Emotional Eating May 2011

Curb Emotional Eating

Filling up with food, pushing down feelings: Know the difference between hunger and emotional eating and learn how to control the urges.

Check Your Risk for Skin Cancer May 2011

Check Your Risk for Skin Cancer

How sensitive is your skin to sunlight? Know the risks and take the proper precautions as it gets warmer outdoors.

To Play Like a Girl May 2011

To Play Like a Girl

Normal physical activity not only improves fitness, but helps fend off disease, improve mental capacity and build leadership skills.

Prevent Child Drownings May 2011

Prevent Child Drownings

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 5 in California? Take the proper precautions to keep your children safe.

Power Plants May 2011

Power Plants

Got a green thumb? These easy-to-grow plants are prized for their healing properties. Find out which ones you could benefit from.

Get Out There! May 2011

Get Out There!

Spend your free time enjoying the beautiful Spring weather - outdoors

Educate Your Smart Phone May 2011

Educate Your Smart Phone

There’s more to life with a smart phone than downloading your favorite tunes and exercising your fingertips. Apps that are designed to promote your overall health and wellness also are available—and plentiful.

Walk The Talk May 2011

Walk The Talk

Lower your risk of developing diabetes, breast cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis just by walking through one of the many trails in your area.

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