The Best Fitness Classes for 2016 January 2016

The Best Fitness Classes for 2016

Find Your Fitness Match

Fun (and Free!) Fitness January 2016

Fun (and Free!) Fitness

Free Fitness Classes for First-Timers in the Bay Area

Best of the East Bay: Health July 2015

Best of the East Bay: Health

Find your balance and the best classes for your fitness style.

Secret Summer Hikes June 2015

Secret Summer Hikes

Cool coastlines, rolling hills, and secret forests are all around us, so why not explore them? We hit the trails and found a perfect hike for every fitness level.

Resolution: Fitness January 2015

Resolution: Fitness

Ready to ramp up your fitness? Our editors tested three new boredom-busting workouts.

Healthy All Around May 2014

Healthy All Around

A Danville author offers practical ways to take control of your health: mind, body, relationships, and environment included.

The Science of Love February 2014

The Science of Love

Noted Berkeley psychologist Robert Levenson looks at why some marriages last for life.

Scrub, Rinse, Repeat January 2014

Scrub, Rinse, Repeat

Eight trendy spa treatments to try in 2014.

Has Siri Stolen Your Husband? January 2014

Has Siri Stolen Your Husband?

How to have a healthy relationship with your partner—and your phone.

Fitness Alfresco May 2013

Fitness Alfresco

Outdoor fitness inspiration.

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