While it is an impossibility to fully prepare for every event, we do try to plan for the unexpected. Ours is a humbling business. Spend enough time watching over investments and invariably some unanticipated event will come along and knock you flat. The way you survive is to manage assets intelligently. Always assume there is something you don’t know that can hurt your performance. The best tool is to diversify. Own multiple companies with varying business models across multiple industries. Have a strategic plan for identifying opportunities. Own some growth for appreciation and own some value for cash flow and dividends. Own equities and bonds and have exposure to real estate. And even then, an unforeseen event can come along that lowers asset values across the board. Stick with the plan unless the foundations are no longer sound and then change the plan. Hardest of all, don’t react emotionally


The outlook is improving as the first wave of infections is cresting. It will take time for jobs lost to return but there will be a recovery as we move into summer. Take a look at the investment outlook from GKV Capital Management and see how you are positioned to manage investment risks and benefit in the recovery.


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Investment Outlook Beyond the Coronavirus

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