Bryan Raymond and Mike Powers—Diablo Solar Services

5021 Blum Road, Suite 2, Martinez

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There has been a lot of talk about green energy in the past few decades, and Diablo Solar has long been a part of that conversation. The oldest solar installation company in the East Bay, Diablo Solar runs the gamut on design, installation, and service of solar panel systems for home electricity and pool heating. In the last 32 years, they have installed over 21,000 systems, and have helped homeowners make seamless transitions from traditional power. Just one of these systems can save the equivalent of five to six acres of trees, and financing plans are available that are guaranteed to be lower than the current PG&E bill. "It’s really a no-brainer," says co-owner Bryan Raymond. "Homeowners get to sit back and catch some rays while reaping in the benefits of a lower—or no-—electricity bill and green energy."