Darryl Hawkins—Comcast

3055 Comcast Place, Livermore

(800) 934-6489 | www.xfinity.com

Ever since he was little, Darryl Hawkins wanted to be the fastest kid on the block. Today, he’s right at home as the Vice President of Field Operations in the East Bay for Comcast, because they live for speed too! Comcast offers blazing-fast Xfinity internet speeds to all East Bay customers. In fact, they are proud to provide the fastest broadband service throughout all of California, with speeds up to 1 gigabit-per-second for homes and businesses. "We’ve increased internet speeds 17 times in the past 16 years," Hawkins says. "And we will continue to bring our customers the absolute fastest speeds possible by proactively investing in our advanced, high-performance network." Visit their website to find your local Xfinity store.