Dudum Real Estate Group, Brentwood

60 Eagle Rock Way, Suite B, Brentwood

(925) 420-5717 | www.dudum.com | DRE #01882902

Congratulations to Dudum Real Estate Group's Brentwood agents on their incredible growth in 2019! These are the faces of excellence. They are industry leaders, consistent top earners, and outstanding businessmen and women who reside in and love the Brentwood community and all of its surrounding cities. Their outstanding sales achievements are the reason for Dudum's continued growing presence in the Brentwood area real estate industry. Pictured: Alex Hurst, Angela Martinez, Belinda Delgado, Beverlee Tibuiani, Kelly May, Heidy Hurst, Jamie Connors, Jessica Cipolinna, Julie Del Santo, Kim Cerda, Nicholle Klotovich, Sabrena Lawton, Sheila Christie, Victoria Malik.