Michael P. Sherman, MD, PhD—Contra Costa Oncology

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1320 El Capitan Drive, Suite 330, Danville

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With us, your story continues. A cancer diagnosis can knock you off course, but Dr. Sherman and his team at Contra Costa Oncology are dedicated to getting you—and your life—back on track. "What cancer takes away is control," says

Dr. Sherman. "When you understand your condition and know all of your options, you can take back that control." At Contra Costa Oncology, knowledge is power. Dr. Sherman has been a lifelong learner—he began studying his dad’s biology textbooks in the fifth grade and decided to go into medicine at a young age. His passion for learning and helping others grew into a passion for teaching. And now, his focus is on educating and caring for his patients, like Lisa Dobry

(pictured), whose story continues despite a diagnosis of metastatic pancreatic cancer more than four years ago.