Penna Omega And Lisa Delevati - Rims & Goggles

2070 Fourth Street, Berkeley | 606 Strawberry Village, Mill Valley

(510) 225-0960 |

The Bay Area’s Rims & Goggles has been in Penna Omega’s family for over 40 years. When she took over the Mill Valley location 11 years ago, she pivoted the business back toward an authentic interpretation of her parents’ original vision—traveling the globe looking for unique, independent eyewear, handmade by passionate artisans, nothing mass-produced. "Curating the most exciting eyewear the world has to offer is our passion," says optician/manager Lisa Delevati. Rims & Goggles doesn’t just carry independent eyewear—they design it. GRO Eyewear marries Penna’s design sensibilities and R&G opticians’ combined years of experience. And what better place for GRO to grow than at a new Berkeley location? Penna says, "Berkeley speaks to the energy and vibrancy of Rims & Goggles and GRO Eyewear."