Shelley Wu, OD, FAAO—Poplar Spectacles Optometry

215 Alamo Plaza, Suite D, Alamo

(925) 202-2846 |

The desire to provide personalized one-on-one service drove Dr. Shelley Wu to found Poplar Spectacles Optometry in 2015 after over a decade of work in hospitals and ophthalmic group practices. Today, the team at Poplar continues to deliver the kind of excellent service you can only get in person. They guide customers through every aspect of frame selection from aesthetics to practicalities to quality. Dr. Wu has sought out high-quality, great-value products from across Europe and the United States. In addition to eyewear, Poplar also offers medical services accepting many medical insurance plans. Dr. Wu and her team are deeply appreciative of the reception from the community. As they celebrate three years in Alamo, they look forward to helping you find the perfect prescription and eyewear.