Hearts and Flowers

Annabelle Breakey; Food Stylist: Karen Shinto

THE CLASSIC Champagne cocktail, with its slowly dissolving cube of bitters-soaked sugar, is a model drink. The recipe has remained nearly unchanged for 150 years. Still, says Luis Sivira, bar manager of Metro in Lafayette, there is room for innovation.

His drinks menu features three cocktails made with Champagne. The classic, of course, is one of them. Another, les coeurs de fleurs, made with the elderflower liqueur St. Germain, was inspired by a trip to Paris. Sivira’s homemade wild hibiscus syrup, following on the Mexican drink Jamaica, is made by steeping hibiscus flowers in water. One element, though, is immutable. Says Sivira, "This drink must be made with Champagne, not sparkling wine or Prosecco." Some traditions must be upheld. 


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