Art Studio Addition

The natural design elements of the polished concrete floor and V-rustic cedar ceiling help to highlight the art in this studio.


A local professional artist needed to set up a functional art studio in her home, separate from the garage where she had been painting. Initially, a detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU)—or a studio separate from her house—in her backyard was considered. However, the setback regulations in San Ramon for ADUs restricted her from building the desired space. A better alternative was a room addition; by attaching a studio to the side of the client’s home, she was given the flexibility to build the creative oasis needed.

Art Studio Addition

Large glass windows, skylights and a French style glass sliding door bringing in an abundance of natural light paired with an open space makes for an inviting and inspiring art studio.

The client’s home was transformed to include a spacious 327-square-foot functional art studio. The room addition was designed with seven large windows, two skylights, a large sliding glass door, and an exterior French-style glass door to let in plenty of natural light. Keeping the art as the center of attention in this new space, neutral design elements were installed. The floor was finished in smooth, polished concrete, which paired nicely with the eye-catching V-rustic cedar ceiling and the ample wall space for hanging masterpieces. The white walls are contrasted by the color chosen for the interior and French-style doors. Rolling storage racks were assembled to store completed and in-progress artwork for easy access. The client was left extremely happy and is currently creating new paintings in her studio every day! 


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