This hillside home was in need of an update. A 
family of five had lived in the house for a number of years and wanted to make some changes to reflect their modern, 
uncluttered lifestyle. Having a comfortable space able to host large groups of all ages was a top priority for them, as was drawing the eye to the gorgeous, expansive views of the hillside.

Since the remodel would be maintaining the house’s original footprint both inside and out, the first step in revamping the space was creating a new color palette. White walls along with low, backless furnishings now act as a blank canvas to draw the gaze to the views of the hillside from the large windows. A custom cabinet and fireplace were designed to surround the living room.

In the dining room—which opens onto the living room—a fun geometric wallpaper was selected to create mood and interest while also making the space feel intimate.

The family room was designed with the kids’ entertainment and comfort in mind, since it is the area where the family hangs out together. A plush sectional with a built-in chaise allows for easy transition from family time to entertaining. Performance fabric was chosen so that the furniture is easily cleaned and able to withstand the daily wear and tear of family life. Shades 
of blue were carried into this room to 
create a pop of color, complimenting the large patio and pool area connected through the family room doors.

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