The owners of this Portola 
Valley home had a variety of surfaces on their pool deck, creating a mismatched and unappealing look. With aggregate, stamped concrete, and tile finishes, the area had no flow of 
design. The homeowners were hoping that a simple, subtle theme and an updated 
finish would create a continuous look, adding elegance to their backyard.

Working with experienced Liquid 
Coating Designs artisans, the family 
selected the rock design that best suited the layout of their backyard. The square-and-rectangle pattern was specifically chosen for the pool so that the vertical and 
horizontal expansion lines would be 
camouflaged by the style. The colors of both the rock landscape and the home itself were taken into consideration in designing a complementary stone color.

This project did not require any 
invasive destruction or demolition. 
The patio was resurfaced with Liquidstone, which is a proprietary product specifically designed to be applied over concrete surfaces.

The existing aggregate, stamped 
concrete, and tile areas all required 
different prepping approaches. In order 
to work on the tile areas, the tile had to 
be removed before coating the surface. 
For cracks in the concrete, steel and 
carbon fiber staples were used to reinforce the slabs.

This outdoor space was designed with durability, elegance, and style in mind, elevating the house into a dream home to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Liquid Coating Designs is a concrete resurfacing company. 
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