In the May issue, Diablo featured 
15 local women who are trailblazers 
in their respective fields, and three 
of them are innovators in the world 
of comedy. Laurie Kilmartin, Amy 
Miller, and Zahra Noorbakhsh—
all brilliant stand-up comics—took 
part in the Diablo Women Comedy night, a virtual event that kept guests laughing. The program began with 
Barney Fonzi, president and publisher 
of Diablo Publications, who was 
joined by Matt Teichmann, a 
mixologist with On the Rocks 
Bartending. Together, the two 
concocted a signature drink 
called the Pink Warrior. Then, the 
VIP audience, also enjoying their own Pink Warriors, were able to join 
the livestream. Miller, who was the 
host for the evening, started the 
show, and was followed by acts 
from Kilmartin and Noorbakhsh.