Sailor of Merritt

Name:  Angelino Sandri  Age:  50  City:  Oakland  Job:  Gondolier on Lake Merritt

Early Aptitude

Sandri is the real deal: He was born in Italy and spent summers in Venice. Through friends he met while "rowing for fun," he landed a part-time gig as a bona fide Venetian gondolier.  


Office Space

Sandri and his wife and co-owner, California native April Quinn, had their boats hand-made in Venice and shipped to the Port of Oakland. The Italian government closely monitors the historical accuracy of gondolas, so each is built to a specific code that regulates the size, weight, and type of wood (eight different kinds, laid in precise order).


Necessary Training

The unique one-oared rowing required to propel a gondola is an awkward skill that took Sandri months to learn. Singing came more naturally: He is an amateur musician who occasionally plays traditional Italian and modern folk tunes in local restaurants.


Safety Hazards

Sandri claims (and we have no evidence to the contrary) that he’s never been dunked. Not so for a gondolier friend of his in Venice, where surrounding motorboat traffic can make for a trickier ride. "His nickname was gatto bagnato, which means ‘wet cat,’ because he fell in three times in one day."



A lot of customers are curious about the gondola’s backstory, and Sandri is happy to oblige. He sees his role as a sort of U.S. caretaker of the more than 1,000-year history of Italy’s City of Water, and takes special pride in sharing that lineage—especially to skeptical husbands and boyfriends who might be expecting "just some goofy guy who sings songs."


Just Another Day at the Office

Sandri has witnessed numerous marriages and proposals, and his customers reflect the diversity of Oakland. "We’ve done weddings with two brides. One time I had a Jewish woman getting married to a Nigerian man. Each of them brought their own traditions; I just had to ask them not to break a glass under their feet on the boat."