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Photographer Guidelines

Professional photographers who want to be considered for freelance assignments may e-mail a link to an online portfolio here.

Faces Photos

Diablo’s editorial team prefers to send a photographer to cover events for Faces. However, are not able to attend every event so we do accept photographs from outside sources to run on our Faces pages. Here are some guidelines for submitting photos:

  1. Digital photographs must be 300 ppi (pixels per inch) at final size (preferably jpeg format). They may be provided on disc or as a compressed zip file (sent via e-mail if under 4 megs). Often, digital cameras are set at a lower resolution (72 or 150 dpi), which look OK in an e-mail, but lack the pixel density for print quality. We can also scan prints or slides if you wish to submit in film format.
  2. Photos should match the style of the shots on the Faces pages. This means heads close together, groups of two to six partygoers, as happy and festive as possible. Toasting glasses, hugging, etc. Often, submitted photographs are too candid (random shots from a cocktail party) or too posed (25 members from the Board standing in front of a giant check). We want: eye contact, smiles, fun, and fabulous outfits.
  3. Celebrities and VIP guests are always great eye catchers for our readers. If Jerry Brown or Rita Moreno or Tom Hanks is at your event, ask if they will take a quick picture. It’s less exciting to see Tom Hanks behind a podium than it is to see him making eye contact with the camera.
  4. All photographs should be captioned, with names spelled correctly, from left to right.
  5. Please provide contact information with photographs, as we always make a follow up call to find out how much money an event raised, how many guests attended, what the funds will be used for, etc.
  6. Make sure that there are not too many "repeats." Often contributed photos have the same person in almost every photo. We try not to show people more than one time in any issue.

Please submit Faces Photos here.

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