The Blackhawk Museum’s "Many Worlds One Museum" slogan is more fitting that ever before with the introduction of the greatly anticipated World of Nature gallery that will be opening this year.  World of Nature will be joining the other existing galleries that include the beautiful Art of Africa gallery with its amazing collection of skillfully crafted wood carvings and elaborately decorated masks, the Spirit of the Old West gallery that tells the story of Native American Tribes and early American Settlers, the recently opened Into China gallery highlighting treasures of ancient China, and of course the popular world-class Automobile gallery full of rare and significant cars that has been part of the museum since its inception.

Visitors to the World of Nature gallery will be immersed in a dramatic setting of sight, sounds and interactive displays that are not only highly entertaining, but extremely educational as well.  As one wanders under trees brimming with over one thousand colorful bird specimens, you will be transported to an intriguing world full fascinating animals, birds, reptiles and fish. Hundreds of animals from every continent are presented in elaborate displays replicating their natural habitat that include examples of huge giraffes down to the tiniest scorpions. There are streams filled with fish and fowl, plus more birds among the bushes on the ground. In fact, there are so many birds, that it will take someone with even the keenest of eyes multiple visits to find every one of them.  Reptiles can be seen perched on rocks, emerging from creeks and slithering down tree trunks. Everywhere you look there is something fascinating to see.

In addition to the impressive list of animals on display, the aquatic section is breathtaking. The undersea display is wondrously mesmerizing with hundreds of colorful topical fish, large deep-sea species such as Sword Fish and Barracuda, Manta Rays, even Flying Fish posed in flight and much more. By far the most attention-grabbing is a giant Great White Shark that will greet you, mouth open, teeth showing, blasting through a wave of water.

This collection has been carefully curated from other collections over the course of many years by the Museum’s founder Ken Bering, with the goal of educating the public about the natural world. To that end, the finest artisans and designers where brought in to create a very special and unique way to display these creatures that has been years in the making. The quality of the displays found here are without equal, and the attention to detail is truly amazing.

With its interesting and diverse set of high-quality and engaging galleries, the Blackhawk Museum has much to offer. Visitors of all ages will be enamored with the expertly curated and artfully displayed galleries. A team of friendly and knowledgeable staff are available to answer questions and enhance your experience.  The Blackhawk Museum is a Bay Area treasure waiting to be enjoyed by all.